Switch Your Privacy On with Murena 2

Support Murena 2 on Kickstarter and Be Among the First to Experience True Privacy!

Today we are launching our crowdfunding campaign to make one of our dreams come true: to provide you with an even more private phone: Murena 2 !

Murena 2 is the most private phone in Murena line thanks to a Privacy Switch button, allowing you to easily and instantly cut your microphone and camera.

It also features a second button – Disconnection Switch, that disconnects all network activity and silence all sounds, providing a distraction-free environment.

This time we need YOU to help us release this great phone.

We launch today our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to release this phone as soon as possible.

We are persuaded that any phone must have this feature for the sake of its users right to privacy, and we will set a new standard by releasing Murena 2.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in the privacy revolution in the world of smartphones by supporting the Murena 2 Kickstarter campaign.

You can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign and receive your Murena 2 from anywhere in the world.

The first contributors to this campaign will benefit from discounts of up to 50%
on the final public price.

Learn more about Murena 2 and pre-order yours at Kickstarter

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