About Murena

We design smartphones and cloud services that put users’ privacy first.

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Our Mission

To give people freedom of choice, so they can regain control over their lives.

We are committed to privacy with outstanding and transparent products and services that help people escape from digital surveillance.
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The Project

Our range of products rely on open-source software, including the deGoogled operating system /e/OS and NextCloud.

We support human-centric products, that are less data-hungry, and more sustainable.

Our Partners

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Murena also designs its own hardware! Follow us on social media and know what is new in the project.

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Murena is a fully remote, multicultural and international team. We have a great ambition to shape a better and more fair digital world! If you are looking for a challenge… come join us!


Murena is a privately-held corporation based in the European Union. If you are an investor, please read this page