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Murena for Your Business

Murena helps to make your organization’s online workspace and smartphones productive, secure AND ethical.

By offering a unique combination of an online collaborative workspace and smartphones that are well integrated, Murena supports you in establishing an IT infrastructure that is ready for the mobile lives of your employees, both in terms of productivity and security of your data. Moreover, we prioritize Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures in all our products. Murena is the perfect solution for businesses, non-profits and governments who want to migrate to an IT infrastructure that takes ESG factors into account.

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Productive, Secure AND Ethical


Murena provides an online collaborative Workspace that helps your employees to be as productive and secure as possible in the cloud. We couple this with our mobile operating system (called /e/OS) that fully integrates your employees' mobile lives with their online Workspace using a harmonized UI.

Our collaborative office suite, tasks management and password sharing on the Murena.io Workspace will help you to maximize productivity in your organization. So will our mobile OS, /e/OS, which is fully compatible with all Android applications and comes with a suite of handy default applications.


At the same time, our Workspace and OS support your organization and employees in keeping your corporate data safe. Our cloud is based on the well-proven Nextcloud infrastructure and /e/OS is a pro-privacy mobile operating system that keeps your corporate data safe from the spying eyes of other businesses or governments.

A smartphone with sustainable and ethical and productivity icons


At Murena, we believe that modern-day IT should combine productivity, security and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Therefore, our Murena.io Workspace runs fully on renewable energy. Our phones are repairable, often made with sustainable partners such as Fairphone and Teracube, and if you want reused (certified refurbished). Everything we build is privacy-by-design and made to protect your digital rights. And finally, at Murena we believe that open source is the way to deliver these ethical benefits. Therefore, our smartphones and our Workspace are 100% open source. In summary, in the area of ESG, Murena will make your IT infrastructure pro-privacy, pro-freedom, sustainable and open source.

Our two main products, the Murena.io Workspace and our Murena smartphones integrate optimally, so we recommend getting both for your organization. But both can also be purchased independently and used in combination with other phones and/or online workspaces.

What Murena Brings to Your Organization

Open Source Lock


Fully open source and pro-privacy operating system. Independently audited to show we collect zero data about our users (*). Runs all Android apps.
* https://www.tcd.ie/news_events/articles/study-reveals-scale-of-data-sharing-from-android-mobile-phones/

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Advanced Privacy

/e/OS and the Murena.io Workspace are the best IT infra solutions today to prevent your organization's data being collected by businesses or governments: all our products are built using “privacy-by-design” principles.

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App Lounge

Find any Android app and check its privacy rating and user-score before installing and using it.

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Cloud integration

Combine our phones with your own cloud or use our ethical cloud — the choice is yours! Our phones integrate especially well with Nextcloud and work well with other cloud solutions too.

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Murena.io Workspace

Our ethical Murena.io Workspace uses the Nextcloud architecture to offer a privacy-by-design and open source collaborative productivity platform. Its user interface is harmonized with our phones and it runs fully on renewable energy.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Coming soon: Mobile Device Management (MDM) to help your IT administrator manage your smartphones and users! Help us build it and make it fit exactly to your organization’s infrastructure.

Murena for Your Business

Making your organization's phones and cloud more productive, secure AND ethical! 🚀

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Everyone gets 1GB for free in our Murena.io Workspace, so you can easily see for yourself what it looks like!

You can also easily order one of the phones in our shop to test it for use in your organization.


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