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In a world increasingly concerned with data privacy and digital sovereignty, one operating system stands out as a beacon of security and innovation. Today, we are thrilled to unveil the latest evolution of /e/OS 2.0. Building upon its foundation as a deGoogled operating system, /e/OS 2.0 brings forth a host of new features and enhancements designed to empower users with unparalleled control over their digital lives. From advanced privacy tools to a revamped user experience, join us as we explore the exciting developments of /e/OS V2 and the future it promises.


To start with, let’s discover the totally new Bliss Launcher 3! We are extremely proud of the new experience /e/OS will offer to everyone: we are pretty sure you are going to enjoy its comfort and reliability at usage. And to make it still more visually impacting and more modern, we took the opportunity to revamp /e/OS wallpapers and default icons on screen!


A few months ago, the world learned that ads in applications and on the web, are used to track people usage at a massive scale using Real Time Biding techniques in Ads. Both professionals and individuals can be spied for their locations, activities and habits. This can be used by some organizations or even people to access sensitive information or simply discredit individuals. The good news is that /e/OS, in addition to letting users break free from Google’s permanent data collection, is providing a unique feature called “Advanced Privacy”.

Advanced Privacy is a unique tool we have developed to prevent trackers from accessing your data while you are using third-party apps or just browsing the web. Let’s have a look now at the enhanced Advanced Privacy features in /e/OS V2.

Advanced Privacy lets you manage in-app trackers, IP addresses, and location. It’s available as a widget and within the operating system settings.

And now in a recent update, you can enjoy a better experience with Advanced Privacy with a more intuitive user interface; you’ll have greater control over your privacy settings.

In Advanced Privacy settings, you can also manage tracker permissions by app and see the complete statistics of trackers blocked.

Unrivaled mobile apps compatibility

Thanks to our engineering team’s unique expertise, /e/OS V2 is providing users the highest level of apps compatibility available in the AOSP world:
– Play services and safetynet pass compatibility
– Biggest apps choice ever: Play Store apps, F-droid apps, Progressive web apps: everything at a single place in /e/OS’ App Lounge

CAMERA APP: QR Code Recognition

In addition, /e/OS V2 brings exciting updates to our Camera application. We’ve made significant improvements to the functionality and user experience by introducing QR code recognition by default. This little feature will make your life more convenient while ensuring safety with QR code management.


Check your phone settings to see if /e/OS v2 is already available as an update. If not, don’t worry; it will roll out to your device in the next few days.


/e/OS is compatible with 251 Android smartphones (including popular brands like Samsung, Nokia, Fairphone, Motorola, and more). /e/OS offers a seamless transition without sacrificing your favorite apps. You can download them via /e/OS’s store called App Lounge. Plus, if you have a compatible device, you can install /e/OS for free by yourself or by joining a flash-party.

Install /e/OS on a compatible phone or Buy /e/OS-running Murena smartphone

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