Get ready to redefine the way you experience smartphones! We’re thrilled to introduce our most exciting November offer yet: Murena Fairphone 4 with a reduced price, the pro-privacy and sustainable smartphone that’s changing the game.

From November 20th to 30th, 2023

From November 20th to 30th, you can grab the Murena Fairphone 4 at an incredible price. Enjoy a €50 discount (for Europe), inclusive of all taxes, and a $70 discount before taxes in the USA. This exclusive November offer is your chance to own a cutting-edge smartphone that’s changing the world, all while keeping your data and values safe.

Sustainability meets privacy: The Murena Fairphone 4

Are you tired of compromising your values for cutting-edge technology? The Murena Fairphone 4 is here to revolutionize your smartphone experience. With its environmentally conscious design, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to sustainability, it’s the perfect choice.

Pro-Privacy: Powered by /e/OS

Say goodbye to data-hungry corporations and embrace the power of privacy with /e/OS, the open-source, deGoogled operating system. Your personal data is YOURS, and the Murena Fairphone 4 ensures that your digital life remains private and secure.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for the ideal gift for a friend or family member? The Murena Fairphone 4 is a gift that keeps on giving. Share the joy of privacy, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology this holiday season.

Don’t Miss Out!

Our November offer is available for a limited time only, and our stock is limited. So, make sure you’re among the first to secure your Murena Fairphone 4 at an unbeatable price.

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