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We are a fully remote, multicultural and international team. We enjoy working from home, from a nice café or by the sea. We have a common mission; we aim high, and we know it will take effort and time. If you are looking for a challenge… come join us!

What we offer

Software Engineering

The recruiting process will include at least one technical challenge and one or two interviews. Please write to

Position Description
Android applications developer We are looking for experienced (5+ years) Android developers to work on various projects Read full job description.
Android Framework developer Do you build and modify a custom ROM? Can you hack into the low-level layers of AOSP? Read full job description.
Android launcher developer Help us develop /e/OS’s default launcher: BlissLauncher. Experience with similar projects is required. XDA recognized developer a plus. Read full job description.
Android Embedded engineer Device support for custom ROMs doesn’t afraid you? Solving bootloops and SELinux issues are a game for you? Read full job description.
Network engineer SIP, client-side networking including VoLTE/VoWiFi are not a secret for you? Even on Samsung devices? Read full job description.
Reverse-engineers Love to understand undocumented things like secret APIs? We need reverse engineers who never surrender until they find the solution Read full job description.
Camera developer Want to take the challenge to make open source camera apps as good as high-end camera apps? Read full job description.
Sysadmin – email Help us take our e-mail service to new heights. Read full job description.

Other positions

We currently have no vacancies of this type. Please visit this page in some weeks.

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