The Perfect Match. Buy a Murena Fairphone 4, get a free flipcase

From October 16 to October 29, get a free Flipcase when buying Murena Fairphone 4*

Thinking of getting a Murena Fairphone 4? We have found the perfect match for you! The original Fairphone’s protective case takes care of your Murena Fairphone 4 to last even longer.

With your new Murena Fairphone 4 purchased between the 16th and 29th of October 2023, you have a chance to get a free protective flip case for the value of 49,50€.

To get your free protective case, register your purchase on: before the 13th of November 2023.

You will receive your protective case within a maximum of 30 days after registration.

For more details, read Terms & Conditions.

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*valid only in the European Union and in the UK

Murena Fairphone 5 is now available at

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you some exciting news today – the brand-new deGoogled Murena Fairphone 5 is now available for purchase on our website,!

Starting from today you can buy Murena Fairphone 5 at in the UK, Switzerland and all European countries.

Powered by /e/OS, the Murena Fairphone 5, sleeker than before, features an IP55 weatherproof rating, 8GB RAM, 256GB expandable storage, Android 13, and a triple 50 MP camera with Sony sensors. Its OLED screen boasts a 90hz refresh rate for vivid visuals, while its replaceable 4200 mAh battery offers fast-charging, all-day use, and longevity with over 1000 full cycles.

Visit and place your order today.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a phone that not only offers cutting-edge features but also prioritizes your data privacy and control. The Murena Fairphone 5 is designed to meet the highest standards, both in terms of performance and sustainability.

Designed for you. Made fair.

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Don’t wait, pre order your Murena 2 today

Murena 2 is the first smartphone for everyone with a privacy switch to prevent any snooping.

Thanks to its unique Privacy Switch, you can easily and instantly cut your phone’s microphones and cameras, making sure no application can remotely spy on you.But that not all, it also features a second switch, the Disconnection Switch, that stops all network activity and silence all sounds, providing a distraction-free environment. Great for everyone looking for digital detox.

Our Murena 2 pre-order campaign on Kickstarter is moving really fast and we still have limited options to pre-order the Murena 2 at a reduced price. You can still get 20% off its retail price but don’t wait too long, there aren’t many left.

The clock is ticking and these fantastic offers won’t last forever.

Let’s switch your privacy on with Murena 2!

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