Infrastructure Engineer / System Administrator

We are a fully remote, multicultural and international team. We enjoy working from home or a coworking space. We have a common mission; we aim high, and we know it will take effort and time.  If you are looking for a challenge… come join us!

Overview of the role

You join the infra team responsible for monitoring & maintaining the fast growing infrastructure. As a system administrator, your main mission will be to maintain the global infrastructure of Murena, composed of bare metal and cloud servers. In addition to day to day improvements (incorporating new technologies that mitigate current pain points), we will also expect from you to solve production incidents (outages or degradations), for both public and internal services (internal tools and staging environments). You will also be preparing, reviewing and handling deployments (servers or services). At some point, you will have to deal with some L3 support requests. Working with us also mean you are comfortable working in an only open source environment.

Ansible, docker and CI/CD automation are the cornerstone of our setup. Here are major tools and technologies spread over all our stacks : mariadb, maxscale, ldap, nginx / php, haproxy, dovecot, postfix, rspamd, gitlab, nftables, elasticsearch stack, wazuh. Of course, already knowing these is a plus.

We are dealing with an intensive heavy production setup handling tens of thousands users. All our setup are redundant and resilient. We’ll get bigger and bigger, whatever!

Your responsibilities Must have Nice to have
  • Managing services hosted across bare-metal and cloud instance
  • Plan, evaluative and handle deployments
  • Documentation
  • Handling support requests that have been escalated to infra team
  • Strong Experience in  ansible and docker
  • Fluent in English
  • Autonomous
  • Experience of maintaining web &  mail services
  • Experience with web proxying and firewalls
  • Team player


  • Experience of remote environment
  • Experience in handling large scale production setups (clustered setups of DB, webservers, etc…)
  • Experience in docker swarm and / or kubernetes
  • Experience in ceph cluster management
  • Experience in PostgreSQL cluster management.
  • Agile methodology

The team

You will be part of the infra team. It’s main mission is to ensure the best service availability, with the best performances, for all our services. It includes the public cloud, mail service but also our internal tools.

We are a small group spread globally and we work closely with cloud team which handles the development of our cloud and online services. Communication will often be asynchronous in nature and we heavily rely on gitlab to keep track of day to day activities. We encourage everyone to participate in planning the road-map for how we can make our infra more reliable.

Being autonomous is a must have in a remote work environment. Being proactive will help you complete your missions and be an asset for the infra team. As individual contributors, we expect everyone to take up ownership of at-least couple of aspects of infra and work towards improving quality of service.

What do we offer

  • Fully remote position
  • Flexible working hours
  • Exciting challenge: to become the 3rd mobile ecosystem
  • Potential to impact a large and constantly growing user base
  • Contractor (self-employed) position
  • A fair daily rate, aligned with your skillset, the role and consistent with others open projects at Murena

The recruitment process

  1. Send your application, with a resume and an application letter
  2. Recruitment task: A small development task where you will be judged on
    1. Code effectiveness
    2. Code quality
    3. Code efficiency
  3. Technical Round
  4. HR/Culture Round
  5. Offer letter
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