Data Privacy Day: We partnered with Qwant, Olvid and Proton to share with you the best privacy practices. 

On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, we teamed up with Qwant, Proton and Olvid to conduct a study (on the French population) that revealed again the Privacy Paradox showing that 91% feel «concerned» about online data protection, but only 48% say they know and use ways to protect their personal data when they go online.

💡 In reality, there are many ways to protect your data from being unnecessarily collected.

To help you take back control, we crafted an informative Privacy Guide, so you can become more familiar with these practices; it has been carefully compiled from the collective experience of our privacy-oriented projects.

Read the study & the Guide (FR)

Read the Guide (EN)

Read the Guide (DE)

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