Are you looking to purchase the new Fairphone 5 in the USA?

Fairphone have just announced the new Fairphone 5. Fairphone 5 is the newest Fairphone on the block, it comes with the same modular design as its predecessors, a brand new and more powerful chipset, a 5-year warranty and 8 years of software updates, so it will stay up-to-speed until 2031. That’s right, 2031!

For now, this phone is only available for purchases in Europe.

We don’t have any launch date to announce yet for the USA

At Murena, we partnered with Fairphone to bring you the Fairphone 4 in the USA a few weeks ago, and people are loving it.
For now, the Fairphone 5 is not ready to hit the US market, and we have no visibility yet when it will be. To be frank, it is not what we would like to announce, but it is what it is.

Why don’t you check the Murena Fairphone 4 instead?

So instead of waiting desperately for the Fairphone 5 to hit the USA, if you look to own a Murena Fairphone today or if you look for a modular phone, with the best connectivity around combined with our privacy by design OS, don’t wait, buy a Murena Fairphone 4 today.
Plus, we have just reduced its price to make it even more interesting.

A Murena Fairphone 4 displaying the /e/OS home screen in front of the back of two other devices

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